Derbouka : how to choose your instrument?

From the family of musical percussion pieces, the derbouka remains one of the best tools used in the world. Long manufactured using purely traditional methods, today you will find several varieties of this instrument, some more aesthetic than others.

To select the one that would not only fit your budget, but also your tastes, you must respect certain criteria. This article offers you some advice on how to do so.

Derbouka manufacturers now offer a wide variety of models. These have many features that determine the quality and durability of the product. Among these instruments, we were able to make a selection that you will not fail to appreciate.

Gawarel El Fan DRM-1O4 Derbouka Mother-of-Pearl

Of an exceptional quality, this derbouka model offers special advantages that are sure to impress you. It is indeed a musical and professional instrument designed by one of the most renowned brands in the world. More precisely, Gawarel El Fan is characterized by :

  • A very attractive mother-of-pearl color;
  • A weight of 3.8 kg;
  • An approximate size of 55.8 x 36.6 x 32.2 cm;
  • A diameter of 22 cm;
  • 30 days unconditional return and free delivery for an attractive price of darbouka.

We recommend that you treat yourself to this unique and fabulous piece in order to take full advantage of its musical assets.

Vatan 3035 Lacquered Egyptian Derboukas

If you’re looking for the ideal percussion instrument to work on your striking technique and rhythm, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this Egyptian 8-string derbouka. It has a diameter of 22 cm for a height of 44 cm.

You will also benefit from the purchase of a spare skin, a protective cover and a tension key. In addition to these various elements, this musical tool offers special technical features. We can mention in particular :

  • Color : red ;
  • Material: cast aluminum ;
  • Weight of the item: 1.5 kg ;
  • Dimension: 46.2 x 30.4 x 28.6 cm.

This item is still available in store at an affordable price. This also guarantees you an unconditional return of the product within the first 30 days in case of a problem.

Vatan 3020 Hammered Egyptian Derbouka

Just like the previous one, it comes with a spare skin, a protective cover and a tension key. Of Egyptian origin, this musical instrument is made of cast aluminum, which gives it remarkable durability. It also offers 8 tie rods, a diameter of 22 cm and a height of 44 cm. Thanks to its many features, you can easily develop your senses, your musical precision and produce good notes.

Finally, here are some of its technical advantages:

  • Color: brown
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Dimension: 45.8 x 29.6 x 29.2 cm.

Gawaret El Fan DRM-1O5 Derbouka Mother-of-Pearl

The DRM 105 model offers absolutely interesting advantages. With a mother-of-pearl color and a weight of about 3.8 kg, this derbouka offers fabulous tones that will not fail to shake the sensibility of all those who are passionate about the musical world. Also, you can easily manipulate it to produce deep and sharp sounds to oriental music.

In addition to its very aesthetic design, you will benefit from long-term use thanks to the quality of the design material. With a weight like hers, you can be sure that you will be able to use it comfortably since it will move less during the sessions.

What is a derbouka?

The derbouka is one of the most widely used musical percussion instruments in the world. Formerly made out of terracotta or ceramic, you will nowadays find on the market some very impressive new models made out of metal. This change of material allows us to effectively solve the problems of fragility related to the use and durability of the instrument. It comes in a size of 30 to 60 cm in height and 15 to 40 cm in diameter.

Thanks to this musical instrument, you can not only work on your rhythm, but also perfect your striking precision. It also produces fabulous oriental-style sounds capable of taking you into an extraordinary universe. Finally, you can easily determine the types of scales you want to play on, in order to obtain the tone you want.

How to choose your derbouka?

As mentioned above, percussion instrument manufacturers offer a wide variety of derboukas. The models differ from one another according to quality, aesthetics and efficiency. Therefore, in order to obtain the one that would meet your expectations, you must base yourself on a number of important criteria. These include the following:

  • Weight: Weight determines the stability of the instrument, i.e. an imposing derbouka moves less when you use it;
  • The material: it characterizes the quality as well as the durability of your musical tool;
  • The shape: you must also pay attention to the aesthetics of the product to make sure that it meets your tastes;
  • The size: the derbouka comes in a wide variety of sizes, but you should note that the average is between 30 and 60 cm in height and 15 to 40 cm in diameter;
  • Tonality: in order to enjoy your investment, it is imperative that you pay attention to the quality of the sound produced by your musical instrument.

In short, the derbouka remains one of the best musical pieces of percussion. You will find a wide variety of this musical tool on the market. To select the model that would suit you best, you can simply refer to our recommendations or use the selection criteria defined above.