Ocarina : How to choose your instrument?

Thanks to the quality of sound that the Ocarina produces, it has seduced many people. However, getting an Ocarina presents itself as a real challenge. It is important to know how to choose your instrument.

Ceramic Ocarina C major 12 holes

In music, the diatonic scale is used to determine the major or minor scale of a key. To obtain the key of C major, we start from the tonic note of C. It is exactly on the basis of this principle that the ceramic Ocarina C major was designed.

Most musical instruments producing a C major tone are equipped with settings. Thus, the C major tone is obtained by playing on the scale variation. This is not at all the case with the ceramic Ocarina C major. It produces a sound of impeccable quality :

  • The sound is soft;
  • The sound is neither low nor high pitched;
  • The sound produces melodies with known scores…

In addition to its sound capabilities, the 12-hole C major ceramic Ocarina is very practical. With a length of 18 cm and its impeccable finishes, the shape of the Ocarina in ceramic C major offers an easy grip. Therefore, playing with a 12 holes ceramic Ocarina C major is a pure pleasure.

Ceramic Tenor Ocarina 12 holes

If you are looking for an Ocarina with a nice sound, this model will satisfy you. The Ocarina tenor ceramic 12 hole Ocarina is the instrument for you. The Ocarina meets this description for an instrument of great beauty. It is very beautiful with quite unique shades of color.

Moreover, it is made of StrawFire ceramic which is a very resistant material. This instrument comes with a neck cord and a protective cover. Also, to help beginners in the use, the instrument is delivered with a manual. It is indeed a small booklet that tells you how to make notes.

Its range varies from A4 to F6 with flats and sharps. It delivers 20 different scores with the music of Zelda. The sound it produces is really beautiful. In addition, the 12 hole ceramic tenor Ocarina is for sale at an affordable price.

Solid plastic Ocarina Zfan

An ideal Ocarina must be perfectly adapted to a beginner as well as to a professional. In the category of wind instruments, the Ocarina Zfan made of solid plastic appears as a medium sized alto Ocarina. Its particularity lies in the clarity of the sound it produces. The walls of the Ocarina Zfan are slightly thicker.

This increases the quality of the sound. It is an instrument suitable for a wide variety of music. It has a pitch range that goes beyond 1.5 octaves. Being also intended for beginners, you will find a guide that will help you learn the instrument.

The Ocarina Zflan is also equipped with several fingering symbols that make it easy for beginners to use. The only problem with the solid plastic Ocarina Zfan is that it has scratches. These scratches are present on all models because they are caused by the manufacturing process.

18 cm dark blue Ocarina

Several assets can lead you to direct your choice towards the 18 cm dark blue Ocarina. These are :

  • An exceptional tone;
  • An ideal material of manufacture;
  • A brilliant shine…

The dark blue Ocarina is a Zelda musical instrument following the A4-F6 format. Its tuning is in the tones of C, but it is possible to go below the a. This configuration makes the quality of the sound produced by this instrument exceptional. As far as the material of manufacture is concerned, it represents an asset because it is made of fired ceramic.

As its name indicates, this instrument is in dark blue color with a remarkable brilliance. Its smooth surface gives it a very pronounced aesthetic look. However, the disadvantage of the 18 cm dark blue Ocarina is that it is somewhat fragile. Therefore, it is more of a collector’s item.

What is an Ocarina?

The Ocarina is a musical instrument. It takes the shape of a goose head and works exactly like a flute. It is one of the oldest musical instruments in existence. The Ocarina is an instrument that has been present in many cultures for about 12,000 years. Its ovoid shape is the result of a long evolution.

The same is true of the number of holes that an Ocarina has. From an instrument with 6 holes, the Ocarina today has 12 holes meticulously arranged to produce a magnificent sound. You will find on the market, quite diversified models of Ocarina. Depending on the culture, the Ocarina is made with different materials. It can be made of fruit bark, porcelain, terracotta…

How to choose your Ocarina?

The sound capacities as well as the practicality of the Ocarina, have made this instrument one of the most appreciated. However, choosing the right Ocarina for your needs is not an easy task. However, it is possible to make a wise choice when certain elements are taken into account. It is important to start from your needs and experience in using this instrument.

For a child, you can opt for a 6-hole model. If the child really wants to play music, a more advanced model would be suitable. If you are new to Zelda’s music, the 12-hole Ocarina model will satisfy you. An experienced person can also use a 12-hole model or move towards more advanced models.

You will also have to make your choice on the basis of the tessitura:

  • A low Ocarina for low notes ;
  • A soprano Ocarina for high notes;
  • An alto/tenor Ocarina for intermediate tones.

What to remember? An Ocarina is a wind instrument with very good musical potential. With our guide, you will find excellent models on the market that can perfectly meet your expectations.