Scorpions’ 5 key tracks to learn the electric guitar

If you’re passionate about an electric guitar, there’s an effective trick you can use to learn to play it like an expert.

It consists in covering some key pieces of the mythical group “‘scorpions”. These songs that are part of the successful titles of this group can be easy to play for a beginner.

Here are 5 key songs to choose from when you begin to learn electric guitar.

“No One Like You”, Blackout (1982)

A worldwide hit by this German hard rock band, it is one of the songs that a beginner can learn. “No one like you” is from their debut album Blackout and quickly became a classic in the 80s.

The title “Scorpions” was number one on the Mainstream Rock Chart in the United States the year it was released.

It seduces many rock fans with the quality of sound that comes from the combination of guitars and guitar amps, in particular.

With its simple notes, it is easier to make a complete score of this song from the band Scorpions. Starting learning with this song would therefore be ideal to have fun.

“Still Loving You”, and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” Love at First Sting (1984)

Being the best-selling single in 1984 in France, the track “Still Loving You” remains a beloved title today. It appears on the album entitled Love at First Sting and is the result of a mix of musical genres, hard rock and a folk ballad.

On rather easy basic rhythms and chords, the band was able to win the hearts of many fans at the time. Why not take again this piece to try to revive these feelings of yesteryear?

On this same album, ” Rock You Like a Hurricane “, a ferocious anthem, but which pleases, maybe also an accessible exercise for a beginner. You just have to target your practice on the basic chords of this track (à, D, Em, C, E, Am, etc.).

You will learn electric guitar more quickly, already that this piece is very well known and listened to.

“Wind of Change” and “Send Me an Angel”, Crazy World (1990)

Inspired by the Cold War, this piece recalls the dark hours, but also those moments of optimism that this group offered to the Germans.

It reached in these years nearly fifteen million copies. It will be perfect as a title to allow the guitarist to practice easily.

“Send Me an Angel” is among the top 10 of many international songs. Indeed, this song is one of the great symbols of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany.

It is therefore a very well known title of the band Scorpions which can be an ideal exercise for a fan who wants to learn the electric guitar. However, it is advisable to venture into slightly more complex music as you master the techniques.

If you like hard rock or are a fan of the band “‘scorpions”, you now know which songs to play to learn electric guitar.

Feel free to indulge yourself and express this love for the guitar that is in you.