The list of the 5 best guitar makers!

You are an amateur or professional guitarist and you want to buy a new guitar? In the multitude of proposals available to you, finding a guitar that you like is not always easy.

In order to make a good choice, many characteristics must be taken into account, including the manufacturer’s brand.

Here is a selection of the 5 best brands that will allow you to live your passion for this musical instrument to the fullest.

Taylor Guitar

Still known as the Baby Taylor, the Taylor BT2 guitar is a musical instrument that is highly prized for the harmony of sound it offers. It was carved from mahogany, which is a material much appreciated by luthiers.

The special interest in this wood also comes from its ability to produce full bass and velvety treble.

This forest species also gives the Taylor BT2 guitar a very good resistance on the long term. To reinforce the resistance of the Baby Taylor, in addition to the mahogany used for the body, its back was made with a super resistant Sapele.

The combination of these two materials allows the guitar to produce a sound that will improve over the long term. Let’s also remember that there is an electric model of this guitar.

Fender Guitar

When it comes to choosing your perfect classical guitar, there’s no better choice than Fender brand instruments.

Indeed, this famous manufacturer of musical equipment is ranked among the best in the world. Guitars of this brand are therefore a true guarantee of quality. The resonance and melody offered by these guitars are highly appreciated.

They stand out from most of their ranks by their generally slim and long necks, with up to 20 keys added to the usual reference points. Fender guitars are ideal for all types of players.

They allow the beginner guitarist to explore both rhythm and picking to perfect their playing technique.

Epiphone Guitar

The third position in this ranking was snatched by the brand Epiphone. This brand is recognized as one of the oldest in the world of musical instrument manufacturing and distribution.

However, if, despite all these years, it is still among the best on the market, it is not without reason. In fact, the guitars offered by this manufacturer are accessible to all budgets and are made of hyper-resistant laminated wood.

Even if laminated wood guitars are not renowned for the harmony of the notes they produce, you will notice the exact opposite with Epiphone guitars.

Yamaha Guitar

It’s hard to talk about music, especially the guitar, without mentioning the Yamaha brand.

With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of musical instruments, this brand continues to make a name for itself.

It offers all kinds of guitars, for professionals and beginners alike, at unbeatable prices. The particularity with this manufacturer’s guitars is that they are made from three different types of wood.

Spruce was used to make the top, Sapele for the back and sides, and finally rosewood was used for the neck.

Jasmine Guitar

We complete our selection with the guitars of the famous Jasmine brand. This brand is renowned for offering musical instruments with tones worthy of Disney songs and romantic ballads.

In order to offer an incomparable resistance to these instruments, this manufacturer uses for their design, essences such as spruce and agathis. These species were respectively used to design the table and back and sides.

The purpose of this design is to allow musicians, especially beginners, to clearly distinguish each note played during their pickings.