How to learn the violin as an adult?

Learning the violin after the age of 10 is practically impossible. At least that’s what a lot of people think.

However, some manage to become expert violinists even as adults. So how do you learn the violin as an adult?

Having a teacher and learning with your child

If you have a child who has a passion for the violin, you can take the opportunity to take lessons with him. However, it is advisable to establish beforehand, with a violin teacher, the learning technique to adopt to reconcile your posture and the violin.

Indeed, children have a skeleton that adapts more easily to the instrument than adults. Your learning will therefore be more complex if you don’t quickly find the right posture, and this is also the role of the teacher. It is important to know that when you hold the violin well, the child realizes that you are taking the lessons seriously.

As a result, you are motivated to do better and to learn at the same rhythm as he does.

Learning on your own

In fact, age is not a barrier to learning a musical instrument, even one of the most complex such as the violin.

From the age of 6 or over 60, you can learn. There are some reservations for people of adult age.

For many, people of advanced age cannot become virtuosos. However, even as an autodidact, it is quite possible to know how to play the violin. In order to do so, certain innate or acquired qualities and skills are necessary.

While children have a mind more willing to memorize techniques, adults also have some advantages that younger ones do not have, but which are equally important.

  • Motivation: This is shown by a strong willingness to learn the violin.
  • Questioning oneself when necessary, to learn better.
  • Concentration: the adult’s ability to concentrate is highly developed.
  • A broader knowledge of classical music.

All these skills or qualities are necessary to begin learning the violin as an adult self-taught.

Take online courses

Online music courses have been democratized for several years. Some YouTube channels that are very well organized are run by violin teachers.

Olivier Lesseur for example offers on YouTube, more than 1000 violin lessons that you can take to learn this musical instrument efficiently and quickly. Moreover, he also offers his lessons on his website

To really master certain musical instruments, it is important to take solfeggio lessons. It is moreover with this step that you should start. Solfeggio lessons are not difficult, even if you will feel like it is a punishment.

On most websites to learn the violin, there are also music theory classes. This is the case of the platform.

This is how to learn the violin as an adult.