How to learn to play the harmonica?

The harmonica is a very small instrument that is used in almost all musical genres. It is also present in almost all cultures around the world.

At first glance, learning to play the harmonica may seem a little complicated. Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Take a teacher

As for any discipline, the best way to learn to play harmonica is to be trained by a specialized teacher. The teacher helps the beginner by accompanying him or her to understand the basics of the instrument. He teaches him how to approach the harmonica, how to control his breathing to be more efficient. He also teaches him how to arrange his fingers to produce the best possible melodies.

In general, classes are held “by ear” using musical tables. The teacher can also introduce you to music theory. Those who already have some mastery of the instrument can also be accompanied by a teacher. This will allow them to better work on their sound and to have a better control of the articulations as well as the alterations.

The harmonica teacher can also help prepare for music competitions or exams. You have the possibility to benefit from lessons at home, or by going directly to the place of training.

Take online courses

With the new technologies, it is now possible to take all kinds of courses without necessarily having to go to a teacher or have one come to you. There are specialized websites that provide you with lessons to master your harmonica.

You have the possibility to opt for online lessons with a teacher. He will teach you the notions of the instrument, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Everything is done on your smartphone, your tablet or your computer. You have the advantage of being able to ask questions and get details from your coach to be better equipped. There are also paid courses by modules that you can have on specialized websites.

Usually, at the end of each module, you are given an exam to evaluate your mastery of the instrument. A professional will validate your training with the structure that organizes the courses by modules.

Self-taught learning

If you are already in possession of the instrument, you can exercise your curiosity and learn by trying to touch a little bit of everything. Many people have learned to play the harmonica by blowing in a haphazard way.

You will discover by yourself how the instrument works, as well as certain melodies and scales. You will be able to control your breathing and discover alterations and other articulations, and you can also register on specialized forums to share the experience with other harmonica players.

You also have the possibility to go on platforms like YouTube where you can benefit from in-depth tutorials to have a real mastery of the harmonica.

Whatever method you choose to learn, you will certainly find a way to express your passion for harmonica.