What equipment do I need to get started as a DJ?

The DJ profession is on the rise. Responsible for the musical atmosphere of a party, this master of turntables owes his popularity in part to the performance of his equipment.

If you are interested in this job, here is a list of the equipment needed to start mixing.

The mixing table

The mixing desk or DJ console is the first support you need to acquire if you want to start DJing. It is indeed the central piece of the whole DJ setup.

It is the medium on which your music will be mixed and scratched. The mixer allows you to control the volume and settings of your music from a mixing software.

To get started, it is advisable to start with a two-channel mixer. These models are designed to support the connection of two vinyl decks or two CD decks.

You will also need to check the sound adjustment possibilities, as well as the connectivity of your mixer.

Other factors such as ergonomics, integrated effects, sound card or packs, should also be taken into account in your choice.

DJ decks

The function of the DJ decks is to play vinyl or CDs in order to produce a mix. It is thanks to this support that the DJ can make the sequences of tracks in a natural and fluid way.

DJ decks should not be confused with conventional decks, as the latter have very different functions.

There are two types of turntables, vinyl and CD. For a beginner, CD decks are the most recommended, as they offer more features such as loop creation or cue preview.

Monitor or return speakers

The performance of the monitor speakers allows you to efficiently appreciate the quality of your mix. Indeed, the monitor speakers allow you to appreciate the sound that the audience hears.

If DJing is a passion, these types of speakers are recommended for your beginnings.

What’s more, they’ll help you develop your skills more quickly and prepare for live performances.

You can choose speakers that offer clear sound, wireless flexibility, and most importantly, portability.

DJ headphones

DJ headphones are an indispensable accessory for starting out as a DJ. It allows you to listen to and adjust the tracks in your mix before it is played.

DJ headphones have the particularity of presenting particular characteristics often absent on traditional headphones and headsets.

To start DJing, it is advisable to opt for these professional headphone models that will help you improve your sets.

DJ headphones are more effective because of their durability, sound insulation capacity, sound quality and many features.

To complete your artillery of the perfect DJ, you can also add a microphone that will allow you to communicate with the audience.