Bongo Drum : How to choose your instrument?

The Bongo drum is a musical instrument native to Latin America. To choose a quality Bongo drum, certain criteria must be taken into account. In this article, you will discover bongo models specially selected for you as well as some practical advice.

Bongo drum pro with its two drums

The Bongo pro drum is an instrument pack. As usual, it includes two drums of varying technicalities that are the macho and the hembra. The dimensions of these different drums are as follows:

  • 17 cm in diameter for the macho;
  • 20 cm in diameter for the hembra.

As for the quality of the product, please note that the skins constituting the drums are 100% natural and have undergone a specific treatment during their manufacturing process. They are therefore resistant, tactile and very soft to the touch (no risk of damaging hands while playing).

In addition, this model of Bongo drum has a professional tuning system that allows both drums to emit sounds of optimal intensity and easily differentiated. When you purchase the Bongo pro drum with its two drums, a maintenance key is offered to you. This allows you to make certain manual adjustments to the drums if you wish.

In addition, the manufacturer offers you a 2-year warranty during which you can request a replacement if the product has a manufacturing deficiency.

17 and 20 cm Retro Bongo drums

The retro Bongo drum is another high performance Bongo model. It has two drums respectively 17 and 20 cm wide. It is an ideal musical instrument for both professional percussionists and beginners. The special feature of the Retro Bongo drum is that it consists of four individual bridges.

These are adjustable and allow the drums to be adjusted to the desired tone. With this manual tuning feature, you can easily use your Bongo drums to play various musical tones. Also note that a free tuning key is included when you order a Retro Bongo drum.

As far as sound quality is concerned, you have absolutely no worries, because the retro Bongo drums are very accurate and we highly recommend them.

Club Salsa Black Bongo drum

The third instrument in the list is the Black Bongo drum from Club Salsa. It is a traditional model which is very appreciated by children. The macho and the hembra measure respectively 15, 2 cm and 17, 8 cm in diameter. They have a wooden structure with perfectly worked finishes that give them a very remarkable touch of elegance.

The particularity of these drums lies in their simplicity. Indeed, they are very easily adjustable (simple adjustments by tightening the tie rods with a tuning key), and their use does not require a very advanced level in music. You can even use it to learn how to play salsa with your children.

Since the structure is very simplistic, the rubbers that serve as feet for the drums sometimes come off. However, this should not be an obstacle to buying this black Bongo drum from Club Salsa, which is still very efficient.

Bongo drum in natural wood

As its name suggests, this Bongo drum is made of natural wood. The heads are made of cowhide with a circumference of 18 and 20 cm for the two drums. The product is delivered with a padded transport bag and a tuning key. The Bongo in natural wood is very aesthetic and offers an optimal sound quality.

The only disadvantage (and which is major) that it presents is its fragility. The supports break easily which can be more or less annoying to use. It is therefore not at all suitable for professional use. You can however acquire it for your child as a toy.

What is a Bongo drum?

The Bongo drum is in the category of percussion instruments. It consists of a pair of drums of varying sizes, namely a male and a female drum. The male drum emits a high, shrill and clean sound while the female drum has a low sound.

Bongos drums are generally used to play traditional musical rhythms such as salsa and Afro-Cuban jazz. In American culture, a Bongos player is commonly referred to as a Bongosero.

How to choose your instrument?

To choose a quality Bongo drum, it is important to know the performance criteria to be taken into account. First of all, you must consider the nature of the material covering the drums. For optimal performance, the skin covering the head must be 100% natural with a high quality treatment (to check, read the product description). Another criterion to consider is the brand. Indeed, when you opt for a recognized manufacturer, your chances of finding a quality Bongo drum are greater.

What to remember now? The bongo drum is a very versatile musical instrument. To be sure to choose a quality one without spending too much, do not hesitate to refer to the advice in this article.