Trumpet: how to choose your instrument?

To update his or her musical talents, you can offer your son or daughter a trumpet. Thanks to the wide repertoire of this instrument, he or she will be able to learn easily and become a professional very quickly. Also, if you already have a good knowledge in the field, a well-chosen trumpet with an excellent mouthpiece can help you improve your skills with a quality sound.

But to avoid getting the wrong instrument, we give you here some tips on how to buy a trumpet that suits you with the presentation of some models that are sure to interest you.

On the market, you will see many different trumpet shapes that stand out for their price, quality and aesthetics. Among the ones we present here, you will surely find the one you need.

The Cherrystone Trumpet B flat

This gold-colored trumpet model is ideal for professionals and beginners who wish to refine their techniques and learn more about the mastery of the instrument. Designed for right-handed people, it is sure to meet your expectations. This trumpet is mainly characterized by :

  • A solid case and an impeccable design;
  • An easy response and exceptional sound quality;
  • A 7 C mouthpiece and a 3 valves trigger;
  • Its purchase entitles you to a transport case.

There are several other Cherrystone trumpets available on the product sheet. Feel free to click on the previous link to see the variants of Cherrystone trumpets offered.

The Roy Benson Trumpet TR-101

Music has an even more refined taste with this instrument. For a group concert or a solo rehearsal, this trumpet will not fail to seduce you with the quality of the sound it produces and its ease of use. This model is mainly characterized by :

  • A ML bore and a yellow brass bell;
  • A pink brass mouthpiece branch;
  • External brass slides and stainless steel pistons;
  • An adjustable ring on the slide of the third piston;
  • Two water keys;
  • A varnished brass finish and an exceptional design;
  • A light case with straps for transport.

The Eastar Bb trumpet

If your boy loves music and you are looking for the perfect gift for his birthday, don’t hesitate to offer him this instrument. This trumpet, adapted to the needs of beginners, is easy to use and produces a beautiful sound with perfect accuracy.

It is characterized by a thumb hook on the first slide and an adjustable finger ring on the third slide. It also features a thumb hook on the first slide and an adjustable finger ring on the third slide:

A 123 mm diameter horn and a 11.65 mm ML bore;
Its B flat range which allows it to adapt to a wide variety of musical styles;
Its delivery pack composed of all the necessary elements for the first lessons and for maintenance.

The brass trumpet with gold lacquer Bb

This 3-valve trumpet remains ideal for amateur trumpeters and those who wish to learn the art of music. Made of yellow brass with gold lacquer, this model has a very nice look and impeccable design. It is also characterized by the rich and durable sound it produces.

You can use it for various songs like soul, jazz, funk or pop music: this trumpet remains an excellent complement for your orchestra. The entire instrument comes with a storage and transport case to make it easy for you to move it around when you go out or travel. You will also benefit from its purchase of a complete maintenance kit for the cleaning of your instrument.

The DELSON pocket trumpet

For concerts in town or rehearsals away from home, this is the best choice available. This pocket trumpet adapts to all circumstances, all types of music and all rhythms. Made of stainless steel, it has a 125 mm bell.

This model is also distinguished by its small size and relatively light weight, which allows you to carry it easily on you without any difficulty. Its purchase also entitles you to a case for its storage. For those who wish to deepen their knowledge, this is undoubtedly the ideal instrument.

How to choose your trumpet?

In order not to rush into a model that looks attractive, you must take your time and take into account certain criteria. To help you in this sometimes difficult task, here are some tips to consider before buying your trumpet :

  • The tuning of the instrument: A trumpet tuned in B flat is most often used in musical groups and orchestras. You might as well not choose the one that won’t make learning easier;
  • Trumpet accessories: a trumpet always comes with a case for easy transport and storage, as well as a maintenance kit. Do not choose a model that does not have one;
  • Size and weight: for an easier use, do not choose a model that weighs too much or has a large size;
  • Appearance: Even if it is not important, you should still choose a trumpet that has a good design and an appearance that suits your taste;
  • The budget: for a beginner, don’t invest a large sum in the purchase of the instrument (no more than 500 €). But after a good mastery of the trumpet, you will be able to choose one of great value;
  • The material of the trumpet: you have the choice between a silver-plated instrument for a darker and less brilliant sound, and a varnished model with a brighter sound and less maintenance.

Now you know all the criteria for choosing your instrument. Go to your store and get the trumpet that suits you best.