Trombone – how to choose your instrument?

Music is an art with multiple benefits for our body. For a more harmonious production, various instruments are within our reach. This is the case of trombones.

What are the best trombones on the market? We will give you a quick comparison.

Carbon Trombone with mouthpiece – several colors

The PBONE 1 -BL trombone is an instrument that combines power and lightness. This product stands out for its easy to handle weight. It weighs about 800 grams and measures 96.52 centimeters long and 27.94 centimeters wide. The PBONE 1 -BL paper clip is very practical to play thanks to its highly advanced properties. It has an ergonomically optimized handle for excellent handling.

In addition, the sliding glass fiber that this model is equipped with offers a smooth handling. This material allows this paper clip to keep longer than previous models.

We recommend this model for its elegant charm. It will also seduce you thanks to its light weight, ideal for carrying it everywhere. You will be spoilt for choice, as several colors of this paper clip are offered by the manufacturer.

Gold lacquered brass trombone

As its name indicates, this paper clip was made of brass. Covered with lacquer gold, it is totally suitable for beginners and young students. This product measures 96 cm long by 35 cm wide. The weight of the Alto Gold Lacquer Ammoon trombone is 1170 grams. It is equipped with a cupronickel slide plunger.

This instrument offers users a flat tone. The wind diameter of this instrument is approximately 208 millimeters. Finally, with the purchase of the cleaning sticks and a hard case to accompany it, you benefit from the purchase of the cleaning sticks and a hard case to accompany it.

We recommend this product for its use accessible to all categories of musicians. The lacquered gold that covers this model offers an excellent added value. Finally, you will be conquered by the optimal quality of this instrument in its simplicity.

Trombone TP-10 by Classic Cantabile

You want a device that produces an incredible sound quality, the classic cantabile is the trombone you need. The bell of this instrument measures 206 millimeters for a 13.4 millimeter hole. It is made of lacquered brass and has a nickel silver slide. The tone of this instrument is of excellent quality and purity. No wonder it is suitable for both novices and experts.

Although we are seduced by this model, we are reluctant to recommend it to you fully. Indeed, there have been complaints about difficulties in sliding the stem. In addition to this, there are some technical failures that have been pointed out by previous purchasers. However, this does not take away all the credit from the product.

How to choose your trombone?

To choose the ideal paper clip, you must already start to identify the type that would suit you. Up to seven varieties are available to satisfy every user. For beginners with this instrument, we recommend the tenor model. Depending on the musical level, a knowledge of the specifics of other trombones will be required to choose.

Budget is also an element to be considered when choosing your trombone. You will be able to compare several offers to find your equipment at the best price.

Apart from these criteria, the choice of the trombone may also be based on characteristics such as the manufacturing material. The barrel, the mouthpiece or the bore are elements taken into account by the professionals of trombone.

The choice of paper clip will take into account financial, typical, and technical details. You can study this comparison to choose the model that appeals to you the most.