Tambourine: how to choose your instrument?

For experienced musicians or amateurs, choosing the right musical instruments remains essential. For better percussion, the tambourine is now an excellent asset. To get one and make sure you choose the right one, you need to think about the technical characteristics of tambourines.

In this article, you will find tips and our opinions on different models so that you can buy the one that is right for you.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, the tambourine is a percussion instrument of the same family as drums. Designed on a round frame, it has pairs of cymbalettes and a skin stretched over it. When struck, it produces a sound of various timbres with the brilliant sound of the cymbalettes. To choose the one that suits you, we propose you some particular models.

The Remo TA-5208-70 B

This 8-inch tambourine comes from the Remo Economy series and is suitable for both amateur and professional musicians. This model can be used in all styles of music thanks to its sounds of various timbres. In addition, it features a large skin of 8 cm in diameter and consists of 8 pairs of cymbalettes (yes, that’s a lot of “8s”!), which makes its tone even brighter.

This tambourine is also distinguished by :

  • A natural synthetic skin;
  • A round black frame;
  • A pre-tuned skin for immediate use;
  • A hole for inserting the thumb for ease of use.

The Andoer metal tambourine

For a folkloric animation or for some musical pleasure, this model will not fail to seduce you. It can also be used by children for various sound games.

The Andoer tambourine is characterized by the different elements below:

  • The frame of the shell drum is made of birch;
  • The head of the tambourine is covered with a 10 inch lambskin;
  • This model has metal jingles and therefore produces even more melodious sounds;
  • It is distinguished by its medium size and relatively light weight, which makes it easy to handle;
  • It can be used during a concert, an outdoor dance, a party;
  • It is suitable for children as well as professionals in the field.

The Tiger Tam14-BK Halfpipe tambourine

This type of half-moon tambourine is an instrument adored by musicians and is distinguished by its versatility. It can therefore be used in different genres of music and you often see them in school shows at the end of the year.

This model features an adjustable hard skin that allows you to adjust the tone to suit your favorite tunes, and most importantly, it has a half-moon shape. Also, its hollow-shaped metal cymbals give the instrument a brighter, drier and shorter sound.

The wooden Fuzeau tambourine

Entirely made with a wooden frame and a 10 inch skin, this tambourine presents an impressive aesthetic side.

It is mainly characterized by :

  • An adaptation to many pieces of music ;
  • A possibility to create your own rhythms;
  • A very easy grip with its small size;
  • A use for nursery education;
  • Compatibility with various other percussion sounds.

The quality/price ratio of this Fuzeau tambourine is excellent.

The ABS tambourine NINO24SB

Already marked by a large multicolored variety, this tambourine also offers many choices of tonality. So you will not only be able to choose the color that suits your taste, but you will also be able to determine the sounds and adapt them to your own pieces of music. Also, the attached jingles allow you to easily vary the sounds.

The unbreakable drums and the durable synthetic skin guarantee many years of use. By offering you this tambourine, you will benefit from a wooden drummer to simplify its use.

How to choose your tambourine?

To make sure you choose the right model for you, you need to consider various criteria. To help you, here are a few tips that will guide you towards the best tambourine:

  • The types of skins: you will find different qualities and materials. Between goat or calf skins, the difference will be in the sound. But these, with a change in humidity and temperature, can quickly go out of tune. You can also opt for plastic or synthetic skins to obtain a more lively sound and a better use;
  • The size of the tambourine: this will determine the ease of use of your instrument. The size of the tambourine: this will determine the ease of use of your instrument. You must therefore choose the one that suits you according to the use you wish to make of it. The larger the size, the more difficult it will be to hold the tambourine in one hand. Likewise, the size determines the tone (a 10-inch tambourine will produce a deep sound while an 8-inch tambourine will produce a high tone);
  • The number of cymbalettes: they also play a role in the sound produced by the tambourine. You will find models with one row of double cymbalettes and others with two rows. The number of cymbalettes determines the brightness and volume of your instrument. Also, you will have to choose between brass, chrome steel, aluminum or stainless steel cymbalettes if you want a clear, high or longer sound.

Now you know how to choose your tambourine. So don’t hesitate to visit our boutiques to find the model that suits you best to enjoy your music sessions at home or with friends.