Synthesizer: how to choose your instrument?

Making good music means having the right instruments of good quality. With its characteristics, the synthesizer appears as an essential device. This is why you must make an excellent choice when buying it.

In this article, we compare the best synthesizers available on the market to help you make the right choice.

5 octave Casio keyboard arranger

If you’re looking for a classy synthesizer, Casio’s keyboard arranger looks the best for you. With its five octaves, it can be directly connected to the computer via a USB cable. Musicians will absolutely find what they are looking for in this electronic instrument.

A Step-Up learning system, 600 AHL tones, 180 rhythms – these are just some of the features of this instrument. It also offers 48-voice polyphony and a sampling function with the possibility of adjusting the tone of the sound.

The Casio keyboard arranger has an SD card slot, audio input and microphone input. If you don’t like the speaker, you can easily connect your headphones to it. Also, you can adapt it for use in piano or organ mode. It all depends on what you want. When you buy it, you get 24 months warranty and 152 songs for your enjoyment (+ 10 users).

The keyboard is purely electronic with a total of 61 keys, 10 of which can be illuminated. Also, with its 3.6 kg the device can be easily transported. All these advantages make many users satisfied with this product.

Yamaha PSR-F51 Synthesizer with 61 keys

Pure product of Yamaha, this synthesizer stands out among the trendiest. Portable electronic instrument, it also works on mains power. It is simple to use and is adapted to beginners. Black in color, it measures 38 x 99 x 16 cm (L x W x H) and weighs approximately 3.9 kg. With a power of 6 watts, it consumes less energy, which makes it very economical.

All the features necessary for a thorough musical study are included, including the metronome, its Duo mode and 32 notes of polyphony. It is sold with several accessories. It is equipped with loudspeakers and has inputs, including those for headphones and the music stand. This last one allows to put the score down.

Fully electronic, the keyboard has 61 keys. With its multiple functions, this synthesizer is well appreciated by customers who do not hesitate to recommend it.

RockJam Interactive Teaching Synthesizer

The RockJam seems by far a luxurious synthesizer. It has 200 keyboard sounds, 200 rhythms and 30 demo songs. In addition to this, it has an LCD screen (size 3), recording and playback capabilities and 61 keys of electronic keyboard.

With its dimensions (90.4 x 32 x 10.9 cm), this synthesizer weighs approximately 5.44 kg and has a pedal. This last one allows to vary and especially to enrich the tone produced by your keyboards. The device is incredibly easy to use and very comfortable, as the seat is adjustable just like the keyboard. The device has various inputs such as headphones to allow you to play quietly without disturbing the neighbors.

Alesis Melodis electronic keyboard with accessories

Alesis Melody 61 MKII is the ideal brand for beginners or for practicing piano playing. With a 61-key numeric keyboard, it integrates various accessories that come with the purchase. These include a microphone, headphones, piano stand, music stand and stool. The microphone allows you to sing while you play, while the headset ensures your concentration and prevents you from disturbing those around you. The lectern, stool and stand, on the other hand, contribute to your comfort.

Speaking of the instrument’s features, it features 300 built-in sounds with Layer and Split modes and 300 rhythms in One Touch mode. The device offers 40 demo songs. You can also produce your own. However, despite its many advantages, the piano shows some signs of weakness, especially the complexity of its panel. You must therefore read the user manual carefully to use this synthesizer properly.

Also, its keys are less sensitive and less dynamic. It is nevertheless one of the most appreciated by players.

How to choose your synthesizer?

This is actually the big question that always comes to mind. Indeed, it is not easy to make the perfect choice of its synthesizer. Thus, to help you, we propose you some criteria of choice.

Essential, the keyboard is the first element to take into account when buying your synthesizer. Its keys must be sensitive to touch, which will allow you to play easily. You will gain a lot by choosing for example an electronic keyboard of about 60 keys for 5 octaves. The most important thing is that they are easy to play.

Polyphony is a very useful feature for exploring your sounds. Buy a synthesizer with at least 32 polyphonic notes. In addition, your instrument must be able to record the music you compose. Also you need to pay attention to the MIDI functions and the polytimbrality of the instrument.

These are the most important criteria to consider when buying your synthesizer. Otherwise, make it simpler and choose one of the synthesizers presented.

Choosing your digital piano accessories

Buying a digital piano is the first step. However, you will need other accessories to be able to play your scores. But what do you really need?

  • If you just have the digital keyboard without the feet, you’ll need to find a way to put it up high so you can play. You can put it on the table, but the best thing is to have a digital piano stand.
  • If you don’t play on a table, you will need a stool to be at the right height.
  • A stand, to hold the scores open in front of you, is also a very useful accessory.
  • If you want to work on your scales or do solfeggio, choose a metronome. This will allow you to stay in the right tempo.
  • The pedal is also very useful to act on the sound, by attenuating or accentuating it.
  • In order not to disturb your entourage and your neighbors, it is also possible to choose headphones.

As you can see, you will most likely have other things to buy in addition to your keyboard. You don’t have to buy everything at once. You can start by putting your keyboard on the table and then invest in what you need later.