Snare Drum: how to choose your instrument?

The snare drum is not only a percussion instrument, but also one of the important elements of the drum set. Every year, many models are offered on the market and the choice becomes complex.

In this article, we will compare some models to help you make a choice that suits your needs.

10 inch Clear Box set with several accessories

To all music lovers, Vangoa reserves a real jewel made of different tools of great value. The set includes 10 durable lugs and tension rods to adjust the tension of the drum head evenly. The result: you will enjoy a more durable and clearer sound.

Another component of the set is the snare drum spring with 20 strands of steel wire. It is very effective and provides a high quality and fairly fast response.

In addition, this 10 inch snare drum kit also features a 9 layer wooden drum cavity.

The last main element is the snare drum stand which remains flexible and fits perfectly with 10” to 15” diameter drums.

Xdrum Snare Drum – ideal kit for beginners

This is an instrument very suitable for budding drummers. The Xdrum helps beginners to improve their first hand playing exercises. With a dimension of 14 x 6, 5 inches and its metal timpani, the snare drum favors a better sound processing.

It offers a height-adjustable stand with a double support tripod and rubber feet. In addition, you will have within a carrying case (made of Cordura and tear resistant), a shock absorber pad and a pair of 5 A battery sticks.

In addition, the Xdrum has several advantages for all music lovers. This percussion instrument guarantees a good sound quality with a very attractive design.

Snare drum Vangoa 14 inch 36 x 14 cm

This snare drum offers different tools with very interesting features. Its wooden drum cavity offers a thickness of 11 mm with a warm and very rich sound quality.

Thanks to its 10 tuning lugs and the drum tuning key, you will easily be able to stabilize the performance and get a very good result. In addition, the wire drum spring of which it is made, offers 20 strands of steel wire that can produce a durable and superior response.

The set also contains a dual user and dual fun instrument that can be used for the drum kit in sitting or standing position.

The greatest interest lies in the quality of the sound, which is exceptional. Therefore, it offers you a very attractive finish and an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

However, the main drawback of this model is that it produces a sound that is too accentuated and too loud, which could be annoying for some users.

Chester Snare Drum with Scroll Accessories

The Chester clear cassia offers a 6-layer wooden cask and various accessories. It is designed in white color. The manufacturers provide you with 4 tie rods with dimensions 35,56 x 10,16 cm, which fits perfectly to everyone. It is an instrument equipped with a pair of chopsticks and comes with a strap.

Unfortunately, it remains very simple and similar to a drum. It is an instrument without a vibrating tone on its lower skin.

How to choose your snare drum?

To refine the choice of your snare drum, you must take into account some important criteria.

The brand

The brands offer a wide variety of products with different prices and sounds. Before starting to choose a model, you must first define your objectives according to your needs. Turn to the brand that offers the parameters closer to what you are looking for.

Manufacturing materials

You will find the ideal laminated wood for beginners or the birch offering very rich sounds. Also, there are snare drums made of maple material that remains solid and durable with an outstanding sound production.

The style of music

If you plan to move your battery often, opt for a so-called jazzy configuration. For beginners, the ideal is to choose a funk configuration that is more versatile.

As you now know, to choose the best snare drum, it is crucial to study the different advantages and disadvantages of the models while taking into account the different criteria of choice.