Children’s guitar: how to choose your instrument?

The guitar is both a playful and educational object for children. It allows them to develop their fine motor skills, to stimulate their hyperactivity and to better work on their creative expression of emotion. Would you like to choose one? We offer you here a comparison of the best guitars for children.

Yamaha 3/4 classical guitar for young beginners

It is sold about 100 dollars on Amazon and delivered for free in Metropolitan France. This children’s guitar has received many favorable reviews from Internet users who have tried it.

Of classic type, it is of size ¾. It is the beginners’ guide for an easy learning of the instrument. The Yamaha classical guitar offers an exceptional sound and a very high quality finish. Its strings and body are compact. This allows it to offer the child an excellent quality of play.

As for its physical appearance, the Yamaha CS4OII classical guitar is light and very easy to carry. This is due to the materials used in its design. It features spruce. It was used to make the top of the instrument. We also find the meranti which was used for its back and sides. Its knight is made of rosewood and its strings are made of nylon.

Note also that the CS4OII adapts perfectly to many genres and musical styles. For its weight of 1.3 kg, it is equipped with six strings.

Classical Guitar size 1/4 Rocket

Second product selected in this comparison, the Rocket classical guitar has a size of ¼. Like the Yamaha CS4OII, it is adapted to beginners who want to try their hand at learning the instrument. Produced in China, this guitar has a natural color and weighs only 1.2 kg. It is therefore easy to carry. It has six strings. Its model number is CG14N.

The classic rocket CG14N is much more than just a toy with its beautiful natural and glossy finish. For miniature guitars, it is one of the best choices, especially for children from 3 to 6 years old. This instrument has also received many favorable reviews from Internet users. It is sold and delivered in Metropolitan France at 38.20 euros taxes included (price displayed on Amazon).

Rocktile kid’s electric guitar with amplifier

This guitar is very appreciated by users. It is the perfect companion for future rock icons. Incomparable both in its shape and in its background, the Rocktile plays very well on a stage. It is equipped with a microphone that allows it to deliver a very pleasant crystalline sound.

The size ¾, this instrument is recommended for children from 7 to 12 years old, beginners and those who have already acquired a little experience in the field. The Rocktile guitar is suitable for both indoor rehearsal sessions and home practice. It also comes with a 10-watt amplifier that ensures perfect sound hearing.

Rather light in weight, the Rocklite guitar costs 125.00 euros on Amazon. As a bonus, you will receive a strap and cable with your purchase.

Junior Classical Guitar Pack with 6 accessories

This guitar is available in several colors. The Junior guitar pack is listed in the classics category. This instrument is particularly recommended for children from 4 to 7 years old. It allows them to learn easily and quickly how to play the guitar. Its size is ¼, and it is sold with six accessories.

It is also worth noting that the junior classical guitar pack is very much appreciated by those who have tested it. To buy it on Amazon, you just need to plan a budget of 56.99 euros (all taxes included). Then, you choose the color you prefer between blue, sunburst, or red. The delivery is free in Metropolitan France.

How to choose your child’s guitar?

Choosing a guitar for a child is not an easy exercise. Especially if it is the first instrument of its kind that the child has to use, the selection must be made carefully. There are usually many criteria to consider in order to be sure that the instrument will be suitable for the child.

For example, you must first consider the size of the guitar and the age of the child. Nylon classics are therefore more recommended for young children.

In addition, if the child must learn to play alone, the type of guitar chosen should be of the nylon classical type. Finally, since it is an instrument for the child, it should be pleasing to the child’s sight and touch. To do this, take into account the design of the guitar and its color if necessary.

By taking these criteria into account, you can be sure that the child will really appreciate his musical instrument.

What are the different types of children’s guitars?

Several types of guitars exist.

For young children, they often start with a classical or acoustic guitar accompanied by a few lessons in music theory to learn how to read sheet music.

Around the age of 10 and beyond, more pronounced tastes and a desire to learn the guitar alone are common. In this case, children prefer electric guitars. A good mix can be found with a folk guitar or a child’s electro-acoustic guitar.

At what age should I start playing the guitar?

Music professionals believe that the best age to start playing the guitar is between 7 and 9 years old. At this age, the child has good finger agility and can hold the guitar comfortably to make their first songs.

However, this recommendation is not set in stone. With a 1/8 mini guitar, a little boy or girl can have fun as early as 3 years old. Conversely, there are many musicians who started playing guitar as teenagers.

What size guitar for a child?

Guitars come in different sizes. A child’s is obviously smaller than a guitar for adults.

For a child, it is necessary to stay on 3 sizes of guitar:

  • A ¼ guitar, that is to say a 110 cm guitar, for children of 6 years old and under.
  • A 1/2 guitar, or a 125 cm guitar, for children from 6 to 8 years old
  • A 3/4 guitar, or a 140 cm guitar, for children from 8 to 10 years old
  • A 4/4 guitar, or a guitar over 150 cm, for children 10 years old and older.

A ¼ guitar sometimes looks like a toy, but is still an ideal instrument to begin music. The child grasps it without difficulty and can start strumming the strings easily.

Why give a guitar to a child?

Music offers a great freedom of expression to children. The guitar is a perfect example of this. Many children who hate the flute played at school and don’t have the patience to learn the piano love the guitar.

The shyest children gain confidence with their guitar, while the most eccentric ones drain their energy.

For parents, choosing a guitar for their child has definite advantages. The child can learn on his own and this represents savings compared to instruments that require the hiring of a music teacher.

Also, let’s be honest, hearing a child miss his first strumming is less stressful for your ears and those of the neighbor than learning to play the drums.

The children’s guitar is still a small instrument that is easy to store. Better yet, with a guitar case, the child can take it alone to play on vacation, with friends or at music school.