Guitar Amplifier: how to choose your instrument?

In order to enjoy the full capabilities of your guitar, you need a high-performance amplifier. For those who are not familiar with it, it’s often difficult to make the right choice. That’s why we offer you some very interesting amplifiers that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Eagleton Barrow Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

This amplifier of the Eagleton Barrow brand is one of the most appreciated models of amplifiers. With its maximum power of 40 Watts, it is equipped with an instrument input and a microphone input, both independent. It also has a 3-band equalization with semi-parametric midrange. It produces a clear, warm sound, and is a rather shiny alternative for the animation of small concerts. Easily adaptable, it also has a headphone output.

Very compact, light and complete, it is easily transportable, and can be stored without too much effort. You have the possibility to connect your guitar and a microphone directed to an acoustic instrument at the same time. This amplifier also allows you to use an electro-acoustic guitar. Even when used at high volume, it works without making any noise.

Yamaha Modeling Guitar Amplifier- THR5H

This amplifier has several great technological qualities. It has a vintage model, a stereo technology, specific speakers and a stereo USB audio interface. The good news is that it runs on battery power, and has at least 7 hours of autonomy.

You can use this amplifier in any room of your house and even in a park. Its device is easy to assimilate and its settings are intuitive. It is therefore easy to use. Its design is simple and beautiful and because it is compact, it can be stored very quickly. You also have the possibility to use it over a long period of time thanks to its autonomy.

However, if you want to sing by plugging your microphone into one of the outputs, you won’t be able to do so, because this amp is not suitable for singing.

Fender Frontman Guitar Amplifier

It is practical and suitable for both amateur and professional guitarists. It offers you a wide variety of sound types, thanks to its 6” speaker. It also has a switchable overdrive. Its power is 10 Watts, and it produces a clear and noise-free sound.

One of its great advantages is that it doesn’t weigh much. So it can be moved around very easily. It is available at a more or less affordable price. This amplifier works with a dry guitar, only when it is an electro acoustic. In addition to enjoying the advantages of the amplifier, you can connect an electric battery to have more autonomy.

The Soundking AK30A

Equipped with an effective three-band equalizer, its power is estimated at 75 Watts. It is the most powerful model of the Soundking AK series. Very robust for its small size, it has a jack for headphones. Its control panel is very well represented and easy to handle, and it has two inputs: a line out and a pedal overdrive.

Perfect for large animations, it is intuitively operated with the available rolling button for easy use. It is possible to activate one of the three bands of the equalizer with the pedal. So you can easily switch from one band to another. To make your life easier, its housing is robust and easily movable.

How to choose your guitar amplifier?

There are a variety of amp models on the market, depending on the type of guitar involved. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to base your choice on certain important criteria.

The power

It plays a very important role with regard to sound quality. The more powerful the amplifier is, the better the sound quality will be. It is therefore important to make your choice according to your use.

The guitar

For an electro-acoustic guitar, choose a transistor amp, and for an electric guitar, choose a tube amp.

The loudspeakers

Their size is very important. The smaller they are, the lower and higher the sounds they produce. On the other hand, when they are big, the bass is deep and the sound quality is very appreciable.

Amplifier technology

You can choose between transistor amplifiers, tube amplifiers and modeling amplifiers. Make your choice based on the sound quality you want to achieve.

Tube amplifiers produce a louder, more rhythmic sound.┬áModeling amplifiers are quite versatile, and will produce either warm or cool tones depending on the user’s desire.┬áTransistor amps produce cold sounds, they are often used in jazz.

The price of the amplifier usually varies depending on the brand chosen and its performance. So make your choice and have fun!