Folk guitar: how to choose your instrument?

It is always a pleasure to play with a folk guitar. But the diversity of models can really give you a hard time when it comes to choosing. Below: a comparison to help you make a better choice.

Yamaha F370 4/4 acoustic folk guitar

This Yamaha 4/4 study acoustic folk guitar is the right tool. You will be delighted by its various advantages. Already, this Yamaha folk guitar delivers powerful tones for anyone who is just starting out. When you have it in your hand, you’ll feel comfortable. This positive point allows him to play his notes easily and to improve them gradually.

In terms of design, here again we have a quality work from Yamaha:

  • Strings made of steel;
  • A large volume of body;
  • Chrome-plated mechanics;
  • A black and vintage look;
  • A back in Nato.

And finally, there is the rightness of this acoustic folk Yamaha guitar. This makes it the ideal instrument for beginners and advanced musicians. With all these advantages, it deserves a note of 10/10.

Ibanez folk guitar with accessories

In second place in our ranking of the best folk guitars, there is this guitar of the brand ” Ibanez ” model ” V50 “. Many will appreciate the different accessories that come with it, namely :

  • Tuners ;
  • Picks;
  • Straps;
  • And several storage kits (for the accessories in question).

Visually, this Ibanez V50 folk guitar is pleasing to the eye with its natural color, mahogany neck and chrome tuning mechanisms. The top is made of spruce. Then, another advantage is its purchase price. You only need 99 euros to buy it. With all these accessories that come with it, it is difficult to make it more attractive. Guitar beginners will find a lot to gain from it. With all these positive points that we have just mentioned, it deserves its 9/10 mark.

Yamaha F310P Spruce Folk Guitar

In third place is the Yamaha folk guitar model “F310P”. The opinions of users agree that this guitar is suitable for beginners as well as for those who already have a certain amount of control. The sound is good, thanks to a body depth of 96 – 116 mm. With chrome plated action, this Yamaha guitar has a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Handling is made easier by its weight of 2.4 kg. The 6 strings are not too hard during the exercise.

The small weak point is the packaging in which this Yamaha F310P guitar is delivered. Indeed, users did not appreciate the lightness of the packaging and the lack of protection all around the guitar. Because of this small inconvenience, its grade will be 8/10.

Martin Smith Sunburst folk guitar with strap

This Martin Smith folk guitar has everything to please:

  • Beautiful finishes;
  • The presence of a strap that can be adjusted according to the musician’s desire;
  • Sunburst finishes;
  • A body made of maple;
  • The presence of spare strings.

Despite the advantages, we still note two small disadvantages. The first concerns the absence of a protective cover. This means that the guitar can be scratched on delivery. And the second disadvantage concerns the strings: they can break during tuning attempts. Fortunately, there are spare strings included in the pack.

In short, these two small weak points do not change its quality as a guitar. That’s why we gave it a score of 7/10.

What is a folk guitar?

In order to be called a folk guitar, certain characteristics must be present. First of all, the folk guitar is acoustic. Then, even if it strongly resembles a classical guitar, it is a little more massive (especially in the body). In fact, three types of body are used on folk guitars: “jumbo”, “auditorium” and “dreadnought”.

Then, the strings of a folk guitar are metallic (usually steel).

Inside the body, the reinforcing walls of a folk guitar are X-shaped. The folk guitar can also be electroacoustic. In this case, it will have a microphone. Depending on the model, a sound amplification system may accompany the whole thing.

How to choose your folk guitar?

Several selection criteria must be taken into account:

  • The cutaway (or not);
  • The type of wood used to make the guitar;
  • The shape of the top.

Some folk guitars offer a cutaway top. This makes it easier to reach the notes at the end of the neck. This is suitable for those who like to play with high notes. Regarding the type of wood, depending on the model, there are three options: spruce, cedar and bunya. And finally, there is the shape of the top: it can be laminated or solid. Compared to laminated, solid tables offer more powerful sounds.