Flute: how to choose your instrument?

If you like music, you will not fail to appreciate the flute. Useful for performing a song alone or for a group concert, this instrument has different characteristics that define its quality and originality. To recognize and choose the best one, you have to analyze each flute carefully. In this article, we give you tips and our opinions on the models currently in vogue.

Choosing the right flute for each player does not always seem easy because of the great diversity you may encounter. Usually, orchestras consist of large flute, piccolo, alto, bass flute or G flute.

Each of these instruments has a particular role and therefore produces a specific sound. If you have chosen the transverse flute, it is probably because you appreciate the refined tones. Here you will find some models of flute that will seduce you.

The Andoer-plated transverse flute – 16 holes

For professionals who wish to bring more aesthetics to their instrument, this model remains the ideal one. It distinguishes itself mainly by an impeccable design that does not prevent it from producing a quality sound with ease.

Here are a few of its features that will seduce you:

  • This model is composed of 16 closed keys;
  • It has a silver color and a radiant aspect;
  • It is made of a copper-nickel material;
  • Its small size and relatively light weight make it easy to handle and use;
  • This flute comes with a cloth and a pair of gloves to make playing it easier for you.

This model is a bit complex, which means that it is only for highly motivated people or for those who already have a good command of the flute.

The Eastar Flute – 16 holes

With an elegant finish, this model stands out for its excellent response and intonation. It has a double flared bore and an inner cut core that allows you to play and receive quality sounds.

For beginners, this instrument favors a quick learning curve and professionals will appreciate its agility and regularity. The Easter flute is also characterized by :

  • The “offset G” shape: the treble clef is slightly offset;
  • Hollow trays and an advanced tuning system;
  • The mechanical E allows to reach the high E more easily;
  • A case with a protective house, a swab and a cleaning cloth.

The Cherrystone flute with case

To please someone close to you, you can offer him this flute. Intended for children from 5 years old and beginner flutists, it is small and can be easily stored in its case. With this silver-colored model, your children will quickly discover the value of music and learn how to handle a flute without difficulty.

When you buy this instrument, you will receive a second mouthpiece identical to that of a recorder in order to facilitate blowing. You will also find a case. There are 16 valves and the tube measures 670 mm for a weight of less than 0.5 kg.

The Andoer cupronickel flute

Issued from the Andoer brand of musical instruments, this flute presents interesting features that will not fail to seduce you. Among others, here are the most important ones :

  • Ergonomically shaped and placed keys to offer a better playing comfort and a good positioning of the hand ;
  • A key assembly for a better balance and a perfect touch;
  • A unique screw locking system to prevent progressive loosening of screws during play;
  • An easy adjustment of the instrument and a use accessible to both regulars and amateurs;
  • Supplied accessories such as gloves, cloth, grease…

Of course, it is not professional quality, but it is a cheap flute with an interesting price/quality ratio for beginners.

How to choose your flute?

Before buying a flute, you should take the time to analyze different criteria. Faced with the wide range that you will find on the market, don’t let yourself be impressed by the price or the aesthetic side, even if they count too. Instead, look at their various technical characteristics.

To help you, here are some tips on how to detect and choose the best instrument:

  • The manufacturing material: This determines the strength and quality of your flute. You will find different models made of wood, just like the first ones. But you have more and more choice between instruments made of copper, zinc or nickel, which gives an appearance close to silver ;
  • Your budget : eh yes ! This is also an important criterion to take into account before choosing your model. The prices of flutes generally vary according to quality and certain specificities. For a beginner, it would be better not to invest more than 500 €, before mastering the stops, techniques and musical styles. After that, you will be able to choose a model of great value ;
  • Some external characteristics: to better enjoy your musical instrument, you must necessarily get the one that suits you. To this end, consider above all the playing comfort it offers, its precision and the quality of its product. Also make sure that the external appearance is right for you, including color and design;
  • The size of the flute: for children, you should aim for smaller instruments to make it easier for them to handle. You should also be careful not to choose a model that is too heavy to simplify playing for beginners and avoid arm fatigue.

With these different criteria, you can now buy your flute without any risk of making a mistake. Visit our stores and discover the best models that are sure to seduce you.