Electronic keyboard: how to choose your instrument?

Many music lovers are turning more and more to electronic keyboards because of the comfort they offer.

In fact, this type of piano incorporates many features that make them an excellent tool for learning and creating. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy this device to the fullest, it is important to choose it carefully.

To guide you, here’s a comparison of the different types of pianos.

Akai Pro MPK249 Keyboard with 49 keys

Akai Pro MPK249 is a full master keyboard with 49 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys. It has attractive features that will allow you to express yourself easily on stage. Plus, it has 16 compact, backlit pads onboard, making it the perfect solution for launching samples, loops, melodies, and more.

In addition, this keyboard is equipped with 24 assignable Q-Link controllers consisting of 8 potentiometers, 8 faders and 8 backlit buttons divided into 3 layers. These are designed to allow you to perfectly control your instrument or DAW. With this tool, you can easily take control of your MIDI equipment through a USB/MIDI interface.

Note that this device comes with revolutionary software with multiple awards. This is a powerful interface that allows you to easily manipulate the keyboard. It’s important to note that the Akai Pro MPK249 Keyboard with 49 keys is currently the best on the market.

61-key electronic keyboard with speakerphone

The 61-key electronic keyboard features 61 touch-sensitive piano keys with built-in speakers. These allow you to practice and play comfortably in front of your friends and family.

What’s more, it features 300 sounds with Split and Layer modes. It also has 300 rhythms with One Touch song mode to accompany 40 demo songs. These will help you to quickly create music of different styles.

You can also record your own songs using the “Record” mode.

In addition, this device is also equipped with a stand that is very easy to assemble, headphones, and a bench with three adjustable heights.

In addition to these, there is a music stand, an adapter and a microphone so that you can sing along as you play.

Piano keyboard with pedal – complete kit for beginners

This type of piano is a compact digital keyboard with 61 keys of very practical and adaptable size. It has recording and playback capabilities, 200 keyboard sounds, 200 rhythms and 30 demo songs (easily accessible from the touch interface). This piano also has an adjustable padded stool.

In addition, the adjustable keyboard support is stable and very easy to move. The headphones will allow you to play the music without disturbing your family and friends. When you press the pedal, it allows you to enrich your keyboard tone.

Also, for beginners, this keyboard comes with a mobile application that can be used to play music easily.

Akai Professional MKII Mini Electronic Keyboard

The Akai Professional Mini Keyboard MKII is a compact keyboard master that lets you record, compose, and play your favorite music with virtual instruments, plug-ins, and digital audio stations.

This keyboard model features 25 touch-sensitive keys with synth action and octave buttons to extend the keyboard to the full melody range. To allow you to easily control pitch and modulation, this unit is equipped with an Analog Stick.

This keyboard also features 8 backlit, touch-sensitive MPC Pads and 8 assignable Q-Link buttons that provide essential controls. These will help you quickly produce your music in an ultra-portable design.

Compact Rockjam Electronic Piano Keyboard

The Rockjam electronic keyboard is a compact and practical device that is perfectly suited for all musicians, especially beginners. This electronic keyboard is very easy to carry despite its 61 traditional keys.

In fact, it integrates 200 rhythms, 200 tones, 40 songs and a recording function. These are used to create your own music with a single click. Also, thanks to its MP3 player, this device can be easily connected to mobile devices and headphone tablets.

This way, you can play your favorite playback comfortably. Note that this electronic keyboard has a headphone output so you can practice without distraction.

To help beginners, the Rockjam electronic keyboard includes two learning modes to help beginners quickly master the keyboard.

How to choose your electronic keyboard?

Before choosing your electronic keyboard, it is essential to take into account certain key criteria.

Indeed, you must first consider the type of keyboard you want to buy.

There are four main types of electronic keyboards on the market. These include the :

  • portable digital piano ;
  • stage digital piano;
  • digital piano furniture and of the hybrid piano.

Once you have identified the type of keyboard you want to buy, you can then check the number of keys it has.

You should also pay special attention to the amplification, speakers, effects, functions, sounds, touch and sampling of your piano.

By considering these different criteria in addition to your preferences, you’ll be well versed in choosing the best electronic keyboard.

Choosing a digital piano for your first piano

If you need to buy a piano for the very first time, then don’t ask any more questions: the digital piano is for you! If you are a true music lover and want to feel the notes in a unique way, this instrument is the perfect choice for you.

A digital piano has the advantage of offering you unique sounds, and although they are sold for some people at rather expensive prices, you will only be able to hear the difference compared to an electric piano, which can quickly make you want to stop using it.

Indeed, as you will see when comparing these two instruments, the touch of the notes is completely different, but so are the tones. In addition, digital pianos have a certain aesthetic that makes them very beautiful to display in a living room or bedroom.

You’ll appreciate being able to get up early in the morning and enjoy your digital piano directly, when it’s not in the evening with your best friends in your living room with a small glass at hand.