Electronic drums: how to choose your instrument?

If you’re passionate about drums and want to play them at home, electronic drums are the best alternative. It is very appreciated by amateurs as well as experienced players.

We offer this comparison to help you choose the best electronic drum kit on the market.

Alesis electronic drum set of 8 pieces – 385 sounds, 60 tracks

This model is composed of an 8-inch mesh skin dual-zone snare drum, a kick pedal, three 10-inch cymbals, a pair of drumsticks, three 8-inch mesh skin Toms, a hi-hat and an aluminum rack. It has a bank of 385 carefully selected cymbal and drum sounds and 40 ready-to-play kits. You will also find 60 tracks, a recorder, a metronome and a sequencer.

A drum key, a power supply and all necessary cables accompany the product for quick and easy assembly. The electronic drum kit includes USB-MIDI ports and MIDI input/output for transmitting information to your computer.

It also allows you to synchronize drum machines and synthesizers. The dimensions of the tool are: length 60.96 cm, width 96.52 cm, height 109.22 cm.

7-piece electronic drum set – 100 sounds, 30 pieces

This 7-piece drum set features an 8 inch mesh skin snare drum, three 8 inch mesh skin toms, three 10 inch symbols, a steel rack, a kick pedal and a hi-hat. It integrates 100 cymbal sounds and tones as well as 10 ready-to-play kits.

It also offers 30 tracks to accompany, a learning mode and an auxiliary input. USB-MIDI ports are also integrated for information transmission and synchronization. Mesh skin provides a natural feel and quiet response.

Ideal for beginners, the Turbo Mesh Kit also comes complete with a wand, connection cables and battery stick.

Electronic drum kit – 7 sounds, 12 pieces

This product offers 7 realistic drum sounds, 12 demo songs and 9 accompaniments. It features a snare drum, a pair of drumsticks, a Charleston stand, Tom-Toms, Crash & Ride Cymbals and a Hi-Hat. You will also find in this model a jack for external speaker and headphones.

In addition, there is a recording function that allows you to listen to your works, as well as a MIDI function with which you can edit your recordings on the PC.

However, some users find the pedals unusable and the pads insensitive to touch. Also, the flat structure of the drums is not suitable for some users.

Cheap electronic drums – 3 sounds, 9 tracks

The Drum Set electronic battery is a portable model made of plastic and silicon. It comes with chopsticks, USB cable, audio cable and user manual. It also includes 3 built-in sound styles, 9 demo tracks and 10 rhythms. This model is equipped with a snare drum, 9 silicon pads, a hi-hat, two pedals, a Ride cymbal and two Crash cymbals.

However, this model does not allow you to record and replay your own works. In addition to this, some users feel that the pad is not responsive enough. The power of the sound also leaves something to be desired. Some Internet users think it is more pleasant to use headphones rather than a loudspeaker.

How to choose your electronic battery?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing your electronic battery.

The material used

The most common materials are rubber, silicone and mesh skin. The latter offers the best realism.

The sound module

The more powerful this module is, the better sound quality you will get. Choose a module with a MIDI jack or a USB port and an auxiliary jack. Also consider the number of recorded sounds, the number of drum kits and the sampling modes.

The Drum Pedal

A good electronic drum kit must have a real bass drum pedal. We therefore advise you to avoid the electronic pedal.

The cymbal

Turn to a quality Charleston cymbal. We therefore advise you not to choose a Charleston cymbal pad.