Electric guitar: how to choose your instrument?

Appearing in the 1920s, the electric guitar has metamorphosed over time, to the delight of soloists of all times. To make your choice, we will present you our favorites.

Red Ibanez Electric Guitar GRX70QA-TRB

Ibanez is a guitar brand launched by Hoshino Gazzi Ten. Since 1935, it offers models designed for music lovers. Released in 2018, the red Ibanez electric guitar GRX70QA-TRB is one of the most popular models, especially among rock metal lovers. It offers a comfortable, versatile playing experience with a poplar body and ceramic magnet pickups. It has 22 frets with a perfectly accessible treble.

Characterized by a pleasant shape and a neat finish, this electric guitar is very ergonomic. It is very easy to master, even for beginners who wish to learn some classical pieces. Offering a correct sound, this electric guitar perfectly meets the expectations of musicians. Its relatively affordable price is also a significant advantage.

Blue vintage Stagg electric guitar

Stagg is no longer to be presented in the field of quality musical instrument making. By offering you the Stagg vintage blue electric guitar, you will benefit from an easy-to-handle instrument. This model is made of several materials :

  • Its body is made of solid alder;
  • its neck is made of maple;
  • rosewood fingerboards.

This Stagg electric guitar has 22 fingerboard slots and a “Tu” type bridge. It is equipped with 3 pickups, with a single coil. It is equipped with a control knob for good volume and optimum tone.

The Blue Vintage Stagg Electric Guitar is perfect for beginner guitarists who want to get started with this instrument. It is a Telcaster type electric guitar that can stand the test of time.

This guitar is worth more than its price. Combining design and performance, it will satisfy the most demanding users.

Yamaha Pacifica 012 4/4 Electric Study Guitar

This Yamaha classical guitar model has several positive arguments in its favor. From the very first contact with the nylon strings, it is obvious that this instrument delivers an exceptional sound. This good sound quality serves the interests of those who want to try different styles of music with this guitar. But that’s not all: as far as the look is concerned, we can say that the job has been done!

However, there is a small weak point. Indeed, some users have complained that the lightness of the packaging cardboard does not protect the guitar enough. In the end, it has already been delivered with some of its strings damaged.

And it is because of these advantages and this little downside that this 4/4 classical guitar model Yamaha C40ll will only have a note of 8/10.

Cheap classical guitar for beginners

With this electric guitar pack, you will be able to acquire a musical instrument with its accessories.

This model will allow you to acquire a solid and robust instrument, with a quality manufacture:

  • its body is made of solid spruce ;
  • its neck in maple ;
  • and its rosewood fingerboards.

It also has an equalizer and an input for a standard jack plug, as well as two volume tones to adapt to your expectations.

To make playing easier, the guitar has markings on the neck. The vibrato features two tuning keys.

It consists of several accessories such as the electric tuner, the capo, the jack cable and three picks.

This electric guitar pack is a cheap model. It consists of several accessories such as the electric tuner, the capo, the jack cable and three picks. On the other hand, its robustness and the quality of its finish are not up to all requirements.

What is an electric guitar?

The electric guitar is a musical instrument equipped with electromagnetic sensors to emit sound. Also known as a microphone, these accessories receive the vibrations emitted by the strings to transform them into sound. The musician can then modulate the sound obtained using several accessories.

The electric guitar has a much slimmer silhouette than an acoustic guitar. It can produce a whole range of effects thanks to its metal strings (three of them have sheaths).

The electric guitar comes in several types:

  • the solid body ;
  • the half cases;
  • the quarter-cases;
  • and hollow body guitars.

Seven-string electric guitars can even be found in specialty stores.

How to choose your electric guitar?

It is not easy to choose your electric guitar from the plethora of offers on the market. To simplify your search, here are the criteria you should take into account before making your choice:

  • the type of body: Solid Body, Semi-hollow Body or Hollow Body ;
  • the nature of the wood used to make the body of the guitar;
  • the wood used to make the neck;
  • the location of the microphones for a better transmission of vibrations.

There are also other things to consider when you buy your first electric guitar, including :

  • the bridge;
  • the frets of the varnish;
  • the quality of the assembly.

Price is also important in choosing the right electric guitar. Connoisseurs are very good at distinguishing price differences between two models of guitars that look identical.