Drums: how to choose your instrument?

Are you an amateur or a professional musician and do you like to play the drums? Would you like to have your own personal drum kit, but have difficulty choosing the best one? To help you, we have specially made a comparison that should certainly satisfy you. It is presented in this article that we invite you to read.

Drum set XDrum Classic – complete set in black

This battery model is complete. It is beautiful and is more and more appreciated by many drummers whether amateurs or professionals. With its beautiful finish and solid timpani, it gives you a good acoustic quality made of poplar wood worked with plastic film. It is the best model you can choose to play the drums fully and at all times.

Moreover, its large mounting brackets promise you stability. This is the drum set with the optimal setting. If you are a drummer who likes high tones, choose this model whose furs give it a pleasant connotation. It is characterized by :

  • five-piece, double base material: snare drum stand, bass drum and hi hat pedal with chains
  • a double cymbal base support, height adjustable stool, a set of hi hat cymbals, a crash/ride cymbal
  • a pair of chopsticks
  • Timpani sizes: 22 BD, 12, 16 BD, 14 SN configurations.

Finally, this drum set is easy to master, because all its materials are adjustable and adapt to all personalities. This is the battery that fits your budget.

8-piece electronic drum set with 385 sounds

This battery model has high performance skins. If you want to have real natural playing sensations, opt for this model which has innovative skin mesh barrels. It is characterized by :

  • eight premium pieces, Dual Zone snare drum in 8 inch mesh skin, three toms pads,
  • three 10 inch cymbals: Ride, Charleston, Crash with mute
  • a pair of chopsticks
  • a four-foot aluminum rack
  • connection cables
  • a battery key
  • and a power supply.

With this model, you have the possibility to practice at any time, even late at night. This is the ideal model you need to make your game more dynamic. Finally, this battery has educational features and is easy to master. Choose this model that fits your budget.

Stagg TIM JR 5/16 Junior Music Drum Set

Do you have children who are about 10 years old? Buy them this musical instrument which is characterized by :

  • a best-seller 5 kits drum piece
  • a rock configuration of 5 standard pieces (a 16 inch bass drum, 8 and 10 toms inches,
  • 12 tom inches and 12 trap inches)
  • high quality cymbals
  • a weight of 19.4 kg
  • and a pair of chopsticks.

Indeed, with this model, your children can quickly master the drum. In their studio, they will be able to let their creativity run free and learn in complete peace.

Finally, this is a model that doesn’t cost a fortune. However, it should be pointed out that some users have already complained about the lack of assembly instructions that came with it when it was delivered.

Children’s Drums

This is the ideal model for the smallest ones. Especially those around 4 months old. If you buy them this battery, they will be delighted and will blossom quickly. Indeed, this model is characterized by :

  • a bass drum, drums, bongo two sounds and cymbal
  • a snare drum with individual feet
  • a pair of professional chopsticks
  • and a metallic finish of the drums.

It is the perfect instrument to introduce your 4 months old baby to music. It is a less noisy drum set than the models intended for the big ones. It is recommended that it be assembled and disassembled by adults for more durability.

However, you must be aware that its drums are very fragile and will be damaged quickly under strong pressure. Also, parents describe the hi-hat is missing on the model to make it truly complete.

How to choose your drum set?

For more durability and comfort, it is important that you choose your battery according to your taste (brand, shape, size, color or finish). Also, you can choose your battery based on the quality of the following accessories:

  • the cymbals
  • types of cases
  • pair of chopsticks, etc.

Indeed, taking into account these criteria is important to find the optimal battery that is in the large batch of those offered on the market. Finally, choose your battery according to your budget. In any case, it is up to you to find the right balance in your choice.

Ultimately, there are some key criteria to consider when choosing your battery. Depending on the use you want to make of it and your budget, you can use this comparison to choose the best suited for you.