Cymbals: How to choose your instrument?

The cymbal is a percussion instrument. As a general rule, several of them are used with varying technicalities to obtain different intonations. The following article presents some cymbal models that you can choose according to your needs.

Meinl Cymbal Kit

The Meinl percussion kit is a magnificent pack of cymbals for music lovers. It includes a 33.02 cm hitat and a 35.56 cm crash. The set is very simple and is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. As far as the quality of the cymbals and intonation is concerned, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

It is worth mentioning that all instruments of the German brand Meinl are from the Headliner music series. And since no gem ever comes alone, when you buy the Meinl cymbal set, you get one 25.40 cm splash and a pair of percussion sticks for free. These Promark brand sticks are made of walnut wood for maximum durability.

In terms of cost, it should be noted that given the guaranteed sound quality Meinl cymbals offer, their price/quality ratio is unprecedented. In addition, the manufacturer gives you a 30-day warranty at the time of purchase in case the quality of the product is not to your liking (which is probably very unlikely).

40.6 cm brass Meinl cymbal

The Meinl HCS cymbal is a very good choice of instrument for beginners. If you are looking for a quality instrument at a lower cost, then we highly recommend it. Its diameter of 40.64 cm offers enough space for manoeuvring.

The special feature of this cymbal model is its very special configuration. Indeed, it presents on its perimeter holes of different sizes that allow it to offer a good sound quality. In addition, like all other cymbals in the HCS range, this model is specially made to shorten the echoes after impact that could distort the notes.

Regarding the technicality (quality, durability) of the Trash Crash HCS Serie cymbal, it should be noted that it is entirely made of a regular metal alloy. The latter is a mixture of bronze and zinc in well-defined proportions, which gives the cymbal a character that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Meinl Brass Crash Cymbal

Our third choice of cymbal is the Meinl HCS16C. It covers a diameter of 40.50 cm and is ideal for both layman and professional use. With its MS63 coating and standard finish, the Meinl Crash Brass Cymbal is much more than just an instrument: it is the very expression of elegance.

When it comes to sound quality, note that this is a high-performance cymbal that generates fast, big and pure notes. A disadvantage is the sustain, which proves to be somewhat short at times. However, this is not a major drawback, as it does not distort the notes. It should also be noted that the manufacturer offers you a full 02 years of support on delivery.

Thus, if during this period you notice a manufacturing defect or a failure of the material, you can ask for a replacement.

Zildjian Cymbal

The last instrument on the list is the Zildjian cymbal. It comes with a diameter of 40.6 cm (16 inches) and is suitable for people who want to learn to play percussion. Its technical characteristics are as follows.

  • Range: ZBT, low end, made in the USA ;
  • Sound quality: Uniform, high and intense tone;
  • Weight: medium;
  • Nature of the sustain: short;
  • Cost: very affordable, you can have it for less than 100 dollars.

Given the basic character of this cymbal, it is not very recommended for professional use. However, you can acquire it if you wish to expand your cymbal collection.

What is a cymbal?

The cymbal is a very old musical instrument. It takes its name from a Greek expression that literally means bowl or bowl.

It is a unique piece with a circular and slightly concave shape in the middle of which is usually a hole. A cymbal has three compartments: the bell, the body and the rim.

Each of these compartments plays an important role in the generation of sound. Thus, the larger the diameter of a cymbal, the larger the sound it produces and the longer the sustain.

Cymbals are often used together with other musical instruments. To play a cymbal, the drummer uses a special stick and strikes the surface of the instrument with the desired key.

Tips for choosing your instrument

Choosing an instrument can be very complicated, especially if you are not too familiar with it. Here are some criteria to consider:

  • The size (choose a cymbal more or less wide, 16 inches is the ideal size);
  • The sustain (a medium sustain is ideal);
  • The price (avoid excessively cheaper cymbals, they are generally of poor quality);
  • The brand (opt for well-known brands such as Meinl and Zildjian).

Don’t hesitate to take into account the few tips presented in this article to choose a quality cymbal.