Congas: how to choose your instrument?

You are a music lover and especially like to play congas? Your biggest dream is to own personal congas, but considering the many models that exist on the market, you hesitate to make a choice.

In order to help you, here is a small guide presenting the best congas currently available on the market.

Set of wooden congas Latin Percussion

This conga wood set in sunburst finish vintage conga wood 71,1 cm high is particularly beautiful. It comes with a double conga support and you can adjust its height to fit your size. It is complete with 25.4 cm and 27.9 cm Siam oak shells.

It also has both wide and rounded rims. Visually, it has a black powder coating and rubber underside. As for its tips, note that they are 1.27 cm.

They give you a beautiful sound and it is appreciated by many drummers. The sound it produces is deeper than the sound produced by a 10 inch or 11 inch pair. To the ears, it is a traditional sound. However, if you wish to obtain another sound, it is possible to separate this set to add a quinto and play the traditional rumba.

Conga – two tone chambers

This classic model is distinguished by its beautiful designs. A superior quality instrument, it has a great popularity. With the Conga sounds it produces, it is practical for exercises and large animations. Presented in several major recording studios around the world, it will allow you to play classic salsa as well as classic rock.

Its design with selected wood gives it the image of a solid and durable instrument. Delivered with a shoulder strap of 7.6 cm (H) x 29.2 cm (W) x 49.5 cm (D), it weighs 2.27 kg. With its balanced weight, you can carry it on your travels.

Slightly silent instrument, you can even use it at night. Finally, you don’t have to use too much force to play it.

Mini conga made of natural wood

This is a miniature model of the classic Conga LP. It is light, transportable and has a worldwide reputation. It is equipped with small Comfort Curve II. Its height of 11 cm adapts to many profiles. Made of natural wood, it is practical and comfortable. Although it is a miniature, you should know that it produces excellent sounds. It has a good grip and is well suited for playing salsa.

You can use it if you are a professional or a beginner of music. However, since it doesn’t have needles, it should be noted that it will take enough time to tighten it at your beginnings. Due to the loud noise it produces, we do not recommend using it in the evening.

Small conga with white patterns

This musical instrument is inspired by the angel decorations from the album Abraxas de Santana. It has chrome hardware and visually, it is a miniature model of the world-renowned classic Conga LP. Designed with good quality materials, it is practical for percussion. With its screws that are solid, it is durable.

Its weight gives it a good grip. So if you have children and want to introduce them to music, it remains a great option. Although it is practical, it should be noted that this model of conga does not have totally beautiful finishes. Added to that, it doesn’t really have the size described on its picture. When you buy it, it is smaller and does not fit professional musicians.

How to choose your conga?

To find congas that suit you, you have to take into account certain criteria. The main thing is to make your choice according to your tastes. Therefore, choose the color, style, finishes and shape that suits you. Apart from that, we also suggest that you choose models that produce tones that meet your expectations.

To achieve this, define the type of music you intend to play with your instruments in order to make an optimal choice. It is also recommended to choose congas made with beautiful quality materials for long-term use. In addition, choose instruments that fit your budget.