Classical guitar: how to choose your instrument?

Playing the guitar is good, but it’s even better to have your own instrument so you can practice as much as you want. How to choose your guitar ? Find out in this comparison.

Yamaha CS40ll 3/4″ Classical Guitar

The Yamaha model CS40ll classical guitar is a beautiful piece. With its size ¾, its various assets make it a model of choice for learning the guitar. Perfect for beginner guitarists, its neck is 48 mm. Its strings are made of nylon. This feature allows a pleasant touch while playing music.

The Yamaha CS40ll is a beautiful guitar with a beautiful look. It is hard to resist with its natural color and its shiny finish on the top (itself made of spruce). Despite its light weight of 1.3 kg, this classical guitar is compact.

And of course, we must not forget the economic aspect of the case: only 115 euros for this quality instrument! For all these positive aspects, we give it a note of 10/10.

Classical guitar 4/4 natural matte with accessories

With this classical guitar, playing comfort is truly at the rendezvous. It has nylon strings and several precision mechanics. Its impeccable physique is also not to be neglected: natural matte color, size 4/4, laminated spruce top and black binding all around.

If this classical guitar is a good choice, the presence of various accessories is a real plus. Only for a purchase price of 89 euros, on delivery, in addition to the guitar, you will find the presence of :

  • A booklet of guitar lessons;
  • A CD;
  • A DVD;
  • Three mediators;
  • A chromatic tuner;
  • A bag with several storage compartments. Moreover, this bag can be held in hand or put on the back.

For these different arguments, we give it a mark of 9/10.

Traditional Classical Guitar 4/4 Yamaha C40ll

This Yamaha classical guitar model has several positive arguments in its favor. From the very first contact with the nylon strings, it is obvious that this instrument delivers an exceptional sound.

This good sound quality serves the interests of those who want to try different styles of music with this guitar. But that’s not all: as far as the look is concerned, we can say that the job has been done!

However, there is a small weak point. Indeed, some users have complained that the lightness of the packaging cardboard does not protect the guitar enough. In the end, it has already been delivered with some of its strings damaged.

And it is because of these advantages and this little downside that this 4/4 classical guitar model Yamaha C40ll will only have a note of 8/10.

Cheap classical guitar for beginners

This guitar will please beginners. In addition to having an affordable price (58 euros) and suitable for any beginner, it seduces with its black look. In spite of the economic advantage, it comes with 5 different accessories: pick, strap, tuner, storage covers and a set of strings.

There are still a few weak points that need to be addressed. Firstly, the negative opinions are based on the fragility of the strings. Indeed, it has been noticed that the instrument gets out of tune or that the strings break. Secondly, it has already happened that some accessories are missing. And finally: exasperating delivery delays.

In view of these strong points, but also of the disadvantages that can hardly be ignored, a rather mixed feeling arises that makes us put the note of 6/10 to this cheap classical guitar.

What is a classical guitar?

There are several characteristics that distinguish the so-called “classical” guitar (still called Spanish guitar).

The first distinction is that the strings are made from nylon (while other types of guitars use metal strings instead) and are tuned from low to high notes. The second distinction is the soundboard. Wood is the material used to make the soundboard.

It is usually soft woods such as cedar or spruce. On the other hand, hard wood is used for the back of the guitar: mahogany or rosewood. Finally, the neck of classical guitars is wider and has 19 keys.

How to choose your classical guitar?

According to the following criteria:

  • The size;
  • The wood.

There are several sizes of classical guitars. The size 4/4 is the one that suits adults. As for the sizes 7/8, ½ and ¾, they are more suitable for children and teenagers. But it can also happen that an adult is comfortable with a guitar of size ¾.

The wood chosen for the guitar is important because it influences the quality of the sound produced. Spruce produces a clear but powerful sound. However, with cedar, the melody produced will be a little more complex. Guitarists who like technical solos will prefer classical guitars made with cedar.