Clarinet : How to choose your instrument ?

The clarinet is a musical instrument that captivates with its soft and warm sounds. If you would like to treat yourself to this instrument, here are some suggestions to help you.

Clarinet Sonata B1S

The Sonata B1S clarinet is one of the best clarinets available today. Recommended by many teachers, this instrument has everything it takes to ensure excellent learning for beginners. This instrument is supplied with all the accessories necessary for its use. Acoustically, this instrument emits very shimmering sounds.

This clarinet is a musical instrument that is relatively light because it is made of an ABS body. You will barely feel this clarinet between your fingers. In spite of its lightness, this clarinet is rather robust. It is therefore a clarinet made to last a long time.

To be able to carry this instrument easily, it is supplied with its case. Like the clarinet, the case is light and practical. Indeed, the case is equipped with straps for easy transportation. Despite its affordable price, this instrument is of very good quality.

Delson V-Cla black clarinet

The first thing to reveal about the Delson V-Cla black clarinet is its aesthetic side. So, if you take a great interest in the beauty of the clarinet, you will surely be seduced by it. It is also an instrument with a logical price-quality ratio.

This instrument is very much appreciated by clarinet teachers. They find that it produces a good sound. Just like the Sonata B1S clarinet, this instrument is suitable for anyone who is just starting out on the clarinet. It is well-balanced and has an adjustable thumb rest.

For the protection of this clarinet, it comes with a sturdy and practical case. In addition with its small size, this instrument does not need much space to be stored. Although it is sold at a rather low price, this clarinet comes with all its accessories.

Bakelite Clarinet 17 keys

The bakelite clarinet with 17 keys is an elegant instrument. With a neat design, this musical instrument seduces all those who are looking for refinement. So, if you want an instrument that doesn’t look like the others, this one will do the trick. Being made of plastic, this clarinet is not likely to suffer any major damage.

For its preservation, this clarinet comes with a padded box and a piece of strap. This not only facilitates the storage but also the transportation of this musical instrument. This instrument is also delivered with ten pieces of reed, a piece of cloth and a screwdriver to clean it. In addition, there is also a pair of gloves.

In terms of sound, this clarinet has a very satisfying sound. However, if you are a beginner, we advise you to buy a mouthpiece that is sufficiently closed. For example, you can buy the M15 mouthpiece.

17-key clarinet with accessories

Made of ABS, this clarinet has 17 keys. It also comes with several accessories. You will receive it with a pair of gloves, a mini screwdriver, a cleaning cloth, reeds, a padded case for storage and transport of this musical instrument.

It is also an exquisitely designed instrument that is sure to seduce you. On the acoustic side, this musical instrument produces a sound that will give you satisfaction. The 17-key clarinet with accessories is perfect for beginners.

However, this clarinet has a few drawbacks. Indeed, this musical instrument requires some adjustments before being used. These adjustments are necessary because not all of the pads on this clarinet always plug properly. In addition, the thickness of the corks can be a brake for the proper assembly of the different parts of this instrument. You will certainly have to sand these corks to reduce their thickness.

What is a clarinet?

Born around 1690, the clarinet is a musical wind instrument. It is used as much in classical music as in traditional music. This musical instrument is also present in jazz and even appears in the music of modern times.

The clarinet is shaped like a long pipe. It is composed of 5 parts; the mouthpiece, its ligature, the reed, the barrel, the upper body and the bell. Originally, it was made only of noble wood. At the beginning of the 90s, clarinets made of composite were introduced.

As for its operation, the clarinet is held in the hand like most wind instruments. Just blow into the mouthpiece and play with your fingers to produce the desired melody.

How to choose your clarinet?

If you want to buy a clarinet and don’t know which one to choose, we will tell you what to refer to when making your choice.

Each clarinet has its own characteristics. So, to choose yours, you must first define your priorities and know what characteristics your clarinet should have. Is design the most important factor for you, or rather the solidity of your instrument? Or are you first and foremost looking for a good sound?

Apart from considering your priority factors, you should also consider the level you have before choosing a clarinet. If you are a beginner, please turn to an instrument that will be easy to handle.