Acoustic guitar: how to choose your instrument?

The seductive notes of the acoustic guitar continue to be appreciated by musicians, both amateurs and pros. In this case, which acoustic guitar model should you choose?

Yamaha FX370C Acoustic Guitar in Natural Wood

It’s no exaggeration to talk about the ultimate in acoustic guitar. This Yamaha FX370C will appeal to both amateurs and professionals alike. The look is a classic: spruce top, rosewood fingerboards and nato sides.

It’s the sound that makes this acoustic guitar stand out. The sound it produces is really good quality. In addition, it has a preamp that was integrated during its manufacture. In addition, its cut side will allow the user to have access to the high notes. And finally, the opinions of the users are unanimous regarding the very good quality of the sound produced by this instrument which costs only 287 euros.

Because of all these convincing arguments, this Yamaha FX370C acoustic guitar represents the ideal 10/10 for us.

Black Bird acoustic folk guitar

Next, we have this black folk Bird model that will also please all acoustic guitar fans. The finishes and the black color make it beautiful to look at. It has other important highlights to note:

  • A spruce top that makes it more compact;
  • It is possible to control the volume with the preamp;
  • A battery indicator is available and allows you to know when to charge the battery;
  • Presence of a cut edge.

In terms of sound, users express their complete satisfaction with the quality of the notes that are produced when playing this guitar.

Other accessories should have been present in the package, but with this affordable price of 89 euros, buying this guitar is still a good deal. We put a note of 9/10 on it.

Stagg electroacoustic guitar in spruce and mahogany

On the third step of the podium: this Stagg electroacoustic guitar. At first glance, its blue color and vintage look are irresistibly eye-catching. The glossy varnish finishes bring an additional aesthetic touch. The neck is made of catalpa and the top is made of spruce.

As it is an electroacoustic model, it can be connected to an amp. For this purpose, it has a special preamplifier system with a microphone. The result is more than convincing: playing with this instrument makes it possible to deliciously experiment with the notes of the acoustic universe.

The only downside is the fret bars. It may be necessary to file them down a bit, as they can hurt if you’re not careful. In spite of this small weak point we just raised, this Stagg electroacoustic guitar deserves its note: for us it is an 8/10.

Ibanez acoustic guitar with accessories

Some advantages are to be put at the account of this acoustic guitar of the Ibanez brand.

First of all, there is its eye-catching design: chromed mechanics and natural finishes. Then, there are the accessories that come with the guitar, namely: storage covers, picks, a strap and a tuner. And finally, the affordable price: 102 euros.

Two weak points must still be noted. The first one concerns the strings and the fact that they are a bit too hard and too spaced out. This can cause real problems for beginners. By the way, the second weak point comes from there: changes in rhythm and tuning can be a problem because of the spacing between the strings. This may require the strings to be replaced.

Two minor drawbacks that taint his evaluation: we gave him a 7/10.

What is an acoustic guitar?

The acoustic guitar is a model of guitar whose notes are naturally amplified thanks to the resonance box it has. This is what differentiates it from the electric guitar. The terminology “dry guitar” is also used to refer to the classical guitar. There are several types of acoustic guitars. Some examples are

  • The classical guitar;
  • The folk guitar;
  • The electroacoustic guitar;
  • The jazz guitar.

As far as the electroacoustic model is concerned, its particularity comes from the fact that although the notes can be played and amplified naturally, it is also possible to connect it to a loudspeaker through an electric amplifier.

How to choose your acoustic guitar?

The differences between folk, electroacoustic, jazz or classical guitars are mainly due to different parameters:

  • The grip ;
  • The material used to make the strings;
  • The sound quality (and therefore the style of music).

Classical models use nylon strings, while “folk” and “jazz” models use steel or metal strings. Nylon strings are softer while steel strings are harder. Acoustic guitars with nylon strings can play: jazz, flamenco, or South American rhythms. Steel strings, on the other hand, allow you to play jazz, blues, rock or country.

What are the differences between a classical acoustic guitar and a folk guitar?

If you’re new to the guitar, it’s not necessarily easy to find your way around. At first glance, you might think that these 2 guitars are pretty much the same. However, a folk acoustic guitar is very different from a classical guitar.

First of all, if you pay attention to the shape and size of the guitar, you will notice that acoustic folk guitars are thinner. If you have small hands, you will be delighted. On the other hand, the neck is longer.

Concerning the strings, here again you won’t be able to do the same thing. The strings of a folk acoustic guitar are made of steel, while a classical guitar will have them made of nylon. Steel will offer a resonant and more powerful sound than nylon. Moreover, the fixation will not be the same between the 2 models. The nylon strings will be fixed to the bridge by a loop system, while the steel strings will be fixed by balls.

From the point of view of the frets present on the guitar, those of a folk acoustic guitar will be less wide.

Now you know how to differentiate them. All you have to do is make your choice.